Minggu, 12 Februari 2012

The School

What is SD Kanisius Kenalan Primary School (SD Kenalan) ?

SD Kanisius Kenalan is a Catholic primary school located in a rural village called Wonolelo in Kenalan subdistrict, Borobudor district, Magelang regency, Central Java, Indonesia. Currently, there are six rooms, 75 primary school students, five teachers including the school master, and one computer.

What sets it apart from other primary schools?

SD Kenalan is a pioneering school that introduced environment-based education in the entire mountainside area where it is situated.

The school's ecological curriculum is different from the standard Indonesian Government's curriculum in the way that it is enriched by numerous additional subjects especially tailored to meet the special needs of an agricultural community.

In addition to core academic subjects, the school offers a range of enrichment activities including agriculture, arts (dance, theater, music and visual arts), crafts, science, scouts, sports, public speaking, journalism, entrepreneurship, computer technology and forest conservation.

Why support SD Kenalan?

SD Kenalan prepares the younger generation for life in the rural, agricultural community as opposed to state schools which follow curricula that are only promote an urban lifestyle. In Indonesia, a country that has most of its treasures in the form of natural resources and arable land, the rural population forms the backbone of the entire nation. SD Kenalan educates children to become guardians and maintainers of nature and tradition; to cultivate their land in a sensible, healthy and sustainable manner; and carry on the unique artistic tradition of their ancestors--while being critical, open-minded and modern thinkers at the same time.

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